Methods to kill mosquitoes

"Bzzz ... bbbbzzz .... bzzzz .... Pinch, pinch, bzzzz ...", these elements finute delight summer nights, when you left the patio door open and you forgot to put mosquito netting on the window frame.

Man wakes from sleep confused, inviting a hum of wings, riddled from head to toe, the fallopian these gentle creatures called mosquitoes. The first thing I do is to switch on the light. At first glance, this man is peaceful feeling that ... barely move, barely speaks, has sand in the eye Sleepwalking ... etc. (no time!), But actually has criminal ideas and thinks how to exterminate zburatoarele the room. Start search methods ...

1. Sprays for mosquitoes - Is that they give spray armpits to sweat. In their flight, mosquitoes sweat and need to give the deodorant under her wings. So, would you "ground" time (if deodorant is talc), but is too coplicat to catch every mosquito and it dichisesti. tantarel sugaret

2. 's Shooting (hunting) with pillow - Take mosquito on target and throw pillow for him. Damage can be significant: a chandelier split a broken vase, a cat toy or disturbed sleeping room corner. This method is 100% efficiency. Airflow made pillow thrown, it can scare the mosquito and can chase before being crushed and to be spread blood on the pillow and the ceiling / wall.

3. Spray for mosquitoes - Can be a very high effectiveness, but my advice is to not apply friendly night. If not ventilated room after using this spray toxic, will make a group admired by mosquitoes. I'll drive you over last journey and its on your power lies in your hands!

4. Dinner and breakfast - To apply this method, you need some tools: cloth / towel, glass and lighter. The method is very simple, especially if the mosquito is on a wall at an acceptable height. Identify the mosquito parking, place the cup on his mouth (Contain him in circumference mouth glass). Hold the glass with a damp (not to cold) and warm mouth with lighter glass. Inside the glass, the temperature will increase mosquito after a while you cook in its own juice. Bon appetite! (If you do not remember this method and want to apply, use "Print This Article"To remove the tutorial to the printer).

5. Ultrasounds - After watching some science fiction movies and realize that technology has evolved so much ... let go to the computer and look at "ultrasonic mosquito killing". I'll definitely get and amuse me that every night they find such "sleep" of the Romans, in referrer. :))

Reference inspired me to write this tutorial:

methods to kill mosquitoes

*CAREFUL: If you decide to use one of the methods above, Not responsible for your safety and your mosquito Thank you!

Methods to kill mosquitoes

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