Micro-hoo! or alliance against Google Search

After two days, Microsoft products si Yahoo! made public through a press release, complete Business Search-Engine, Almost half a year since it was (pre) conceived. Also, the two largest companies have announced (and posted with optimism) confidence that new search engine hybrid which will result in reproduction Yahoo! Search Engine si Bing will be a long-range, convincing and able to offer its users innovation, quality and more realistic results.


Understanding Micro-hoo! involves acquiring a exclusive license Microsoft on the main search technologies that has (at least that) Yahoo!, which will be integrated into the recently established competitor Google SearchBing.

It remains to be seen whether Micro-hoo! will be successful and if Google will stagger under the threat of new alliances created, but until then one thing is clear: any question the answer is Google ;).

Micro-hoo! or alliance against Google Search

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