Microsoft announce: Windows XP retires

microsoft decided it was time for to retire: after 7 years by marching in the spotlight, XP will retire in obscurity, leaving what Microsoft calls "Mainstream support"For"extended support '"(Ie a kind of azil experienced by all operating systems from Microsoft before they are put cross).

ms-xp-home-edition In approx. 2 months (ie April 14 2009), XP will end checkbook (sic) with technology in development, since that date XP users will benefit only Security updates, Receiving only will update and fix other system errors are only companies who have signed a Cons of support Microsoft.

In addition, for those who will buy PCs with Windows XP pre-installed After "retiring" it, Microsoft announced that They will not respond to support operating system for problems, but the Producer company of those PCs (OEM).

"If you're buying a netbook with XP, you have to accept That XP is not in mainstream support. A Significant number of STIs have Been Identified and resolved problems, so the Chances That there Would be great aren'ta Some new major issue.

But you have to look at Also the reality of the marketplace. Once XP is not in mainstream support, Microsoft is not going to make any functional enhancements to XP. If there's a functionality bug with no security issue, it probably will not get fixed. "

It remains to be seen whether Microsoft's next operating system, Will be able to beat the record obtained by XP. With that, after almost 3 years, failed to win the trust very many users, Microsoft is obliged to not fail again.

Microsoft announce: Windows XP retires

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