Microsoft announces October 26 2012 the official launch date of the new Windows 8

After market were circulated various possible release dates of the latest software from microsoft, Here microsoft officially announce the new release date Windows 8 Friday October 26 as 2012. This 8 generation of Windows will be, it seems mainly directed touch-screen devices, Metro interface being a major visual updates present in the new version, so microsoft trying to conquer the tablet segment, where Android si iOS Copy and dominate in this way to achieve interconnectivity between desktop si tablet and or smartphone. Established initially launch with Windows 8 and mobile operating system Windows Phone 8, but later decided to postpone his November this year. As we presented in a previous article, the new operating system will be available in several versions: Windows 8 classic is dedicated computers equipped with processors x86 and variant 8 Windows RT will be specially designed for handheld devices equipped with ARM processors such as tablets and smartphoneSites. Variant RT will be sold only preinstalled compatible devices and the classic can be purchased separately after on October 26 2012.

In early august version RTM (Release to Manufacturing) will reach the hands of manufacturers, which will be the first to be able to test the performance of this new product microsoft and will issue conclusions on the operating system that is meant to be a totally changed the face of everything produced microsoft before. We look forward to and the effect it will have the new operating system on tablets, mainly targeted segment of this latest version of Windows and how competitors will react to everything only in the interests of users are performing at the lowest price.

Microsoft announces October 26 2012 the official launch date of the new Windows 8

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