Microsoft announces "zero day" on the Internet Explorer

This is not a movie or another one of the many projects which Microsoft develop them now, but it is a vulnerability recently discovered Internet ExplorerThat affect users si Windows server 2003.

This vulnerability, named "zero day"Is present in Video ActiveX Control and can be exploited from a simple visit to a infected siteAllowing hackers to take over remote control computers that were accessed those sites.

Microsoft is investigating a privately reported vulnerability in Microsoft Video ActiveX Control. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could gain the same user rights as the local user. When using the Internet Explorer, code execution is remote and may not require any user intervention.

Although Microsoft said it has managed to reduce attacks on IE users, nearly a week been reported infecting hundreds of sites with malicious software that exploits the vulnerability ActiveXAnd it has not been fixed yet. Moreover, it seems that will take several months until Microsoft will fix the problem. Until then XP and Server users are advised 2003 to Disable Video ActiveX Control on the Internet Explorer (Find here how) to avoid infecting PCs provided. Microsoft also recommended and users si Windows server 2008 take the same precautions, just in case.

Note: Symantec (Security Vendor) reported that only IE6 and IE7 are affected by this vulnerability, Not IE8.

LA. "A zero-day (or zero-hour) attack or threat is a computer threat That tries to exploit computer application vulnerabilities Which is unknown to others, undisclosed to the software vendor, or for Which no security fix is ​​available. Zero-day exploits (actual code That CAN use the security hole to carry out attacks year) is used or shared by attackers Before the software vendor knows about the vulnerability. " (Wikipedia)

Microsoft announces "zero day" on the Internet Explorer

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