Microsoft Fix It Center solve your problems with WindowsCPC

Let's face it, a Windows to go "smoothly" with no hop, no heaving, no crash, no bug or blue (black, green or Rainbow) Screen as boring. I mean would not be any challenge real for users, especially for those used with adrenaline (obviously joking).

However, most problems "served" by systems Windows are difficult to solve, or their solutions require - most of the time - some more time than we can afford. For such cases Microsoft comes to help (or at least try) with Fix It Center Beta.

Microsoft Fix It Center Beta is a software / tool with which we can solve in a short time different problems (generally common or common) that we may encounter while using a system Windows. It is based on scripts offered since last year by Microsoft to solve problems "popular" among users Windows, Such as printing errors, sound or video si Aero interface errors.

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after installing Fix It CenterIt will look potential system problemsThen we will solve automatic or notify their existence (depending on users choice to run 's troubleshooter). In addition, will prevent other problems (Obviously all the communes) due to checks proactive and installation of updates.

Microsoft Fix It Center it also offers us the possibility to create online accounts (Requires id Windows Live), Where they will be stored detailed information about computers supplied and by which we obtain additional help and support about the problems encountered. Also, those Fix It accounts will be stored and information about solutions offered for the various problems encountered in system (if you use the same account from different computers, data about each of them will be recorded in the account).

Download Microsoft Fix It Center (beta version).

Note: Fix It Center is compatible with all versions Windows XP, Windows Sight yes Windows 7. If during the installation on XP you will encounter the error Additional software is required to run Fix It Center, install the .NET Framework 2.0 and resume the process from the beginning. If Fix It Center does not offer solutions to certain system problems, try and Fix It Center online.

Microsoft Fix It Center solve your problems with WindowsCPC

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