Microsoft introduces Double Key Encryption - A security solution with double encryption of secret data

Microsoft is working hard to increase security of important data, both simple users and companies, public institutions and those who demand a high level of security and confidentiality.
The company announced today that it has released a "preview" for the public (beta), a new feature of data encryptionDouble Key Encryption, for users of Microsoft 365.
If the majority encryption solutions are designed to protect the cloud data of companies and individuals from cyber attacks, Double Key Encryption is a solution of double data encryption extremely sensitive, through which users can keep their data in a high level of security. This solution can be used by government institutions, companies with regulations regarding storage of sensitive data, financial institutions (banks) and healthcare.

How the new Double Key Encryption encryption system works

They are used two encryption keys of data. A The unique encryption key will be to the user, and another unique encryption key will be securely stored in Microsoft Azure.
You will need both encryption keys to access the data. Both the user's and the one stored in Microsoft Azure. Because Microsoft can only access one of these encryption keys, sensitive data using Double Key Encryption can only be viewed by the user. Microsoft will not be able to access this data.

Why this security solution is needed is easy to understand. Microsoft is an American company, and some institutions, companies or environments outside the US in that the data are strictly secret, need to completely restrict access to data stored in the cloud. Keeping trade secrets, patents, financial algorithms or sensitive user data in the cloud can be regulated internally and requires high security solutions. Double Key Encryption will meet these high security requirements.
The solution is not for simple users or companies that do not have strict internal protocols regarding data security. Double Key Encryption is designed to protect data stored in the cloud from Microsoft's "eyes", ensuring full control over private data.

For example, if a government institution he needs to hold on secret dates in the cloud. it will definitely have internal regulations strict regarding the access of a third party or company to this information. Even Microsoft must not be able to access and view this data. Using Double Key Encryption, the cloud service provider did not have access to the stored data.

Double Key Encryption will also be integrated into your group user's tagging system Azure Information Protection. It will be possible to create separate encryption keys specific to each user and group, following the access policies and customized permissions for each one.
The encryption keys may be adminregistered directly from the account Microsoft 365 company's.

Double Key Encryption is available in version beta for all licensed users Microsoft 365 E5 or Office 365 E5.

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