Microsoft has released a major new update for Microsoft Windows 10 1511 (KB3156421)

As expected, Microsoft has released a major new update for its versions Windows 10 10240 and 1511.

KB3156421 is a patch that, according to Microsoft, comes with performance improvements Windows 10, fixes multiple security issues and vulnerabilities But the development and fixing errors in Cortana, Bluetooth, Issues USB connections, Internet Explorer 11 si Microsoft Edge. All these features of Windows 10 have been revised in update KB3156421 for Windows 10.

Specifically, changes were made to the kernel level, changes to drivers who are responsible for connecting the devices by Bluetooth if USB port, the Windows 10.
Cortana, IE11 and Microsoft Edge, in addition to some browser security fixes, changes have been made to reduce consumption of RAM, especially when opening PDF files with IE11 or Edge.

The update is available through Windows Update Center, and it also includes previous versions / updates, for those who do not have updated systems. cumulative Windows 10 Update.

Windows10-1511 Update

This update aims versions Windows 10 1511And after installing the update, OS restart is required.

An "anniversary update" is expected this summer. This update will bring significant changes to the operating system Windows 10, both on the performance and security side and on the refinement of some features already existing in Windows 10.

Microsoft has released a major new update for Microsoft Windows 10 1511 (KB3156421)

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