Microsoft Security Copilot, how the new security tool works

It seems that Microsoft has focused on the integration of artificial intelligence in all company services, continuing the series of implementations with Microsoft Security Copilot. An AI tool that supports cyber security departments within companies and organizations.

After the release Copilot with GPT-4 for Bing, Microsoft 365 Copilot and the announcement AI Builder in Power Apps, it was the turn of the security segment to benefit from a new tool AI.

What is a Microsoft Security Copilot and to whom is it addressed?

Microsoft Security Copilot it is not an antivirus software itself, but a way to help cyber security workers, to find faster answers to questions regarding security incidents. Artificial intelligence will team up with human intelligence to reduce response time to the challenges of cyber attacks.

Microsoft Security Copilot
Microsoft Security Copilot

If so Microsoft 365 Copilot, human labor can be replaced by AI, regarding security threats, things are completely different. Hackers will always look for new solutions to find vulnerabilities in company networks or organizations. None model AI, no matter how advanced it is, it will not be capable enough to face these challenges, because hacking implies in most cases, engineering. The discovery of new elements that lead to vulnerabilities. Elements about which artificial intelligence would have nowhere to learn.

Security Copilot, will help you look for the "needle in the haystack" when a major security incident is detected. Engaging in a question and answer session, between security professionals and Microsoft Security Copilot, will definitely lead to the quick discovery of the source of the incident. Of course, if the security expert asks the right questions and knows how to understand very well what information he receives from Security Copilot.

Catch what others miss. Even the best security expert can overlook something, including security issues that are obvious and need to be considered. The software is more pedantic and will examine everything, but may overlook an element that a human would detect instantly, such as spam. The combination of human and artificial intelligence in the field of IT security will improve the response time and the resolution of challenges.

Microsoft says that Security Copilot it has the ability to anticipate the next movement of a threat factor with a continuous reasoning based on the global information about the warnings. There are approximately 65 trillion security alerts that Microsoft receives daily, which this software can interpret and learn from. It would be impossible for a security analyst to search through all these alerts and establish a pattern for the investigated threat. Security Copilot will do this and determine the best way to solve the problem, showing the security expert reports on similar incidents, looking for solutions together.

It will be a reliable "partner" for cyber security analysts within the companies and will help a lot in identifying problems and reducing the response time to challenges.

The integration of this security system based on AI, it will be possible for companies that run more on Microsoft Cloud.

Until now, Microsoft has not offered you a date when Security Copilot no price list will be available for the implementation of this security solution. Currently, we only know that tests are being done at a few companies that run on Microsoft Cloud.
It is not known who will have access to implement Microsoft Security Copilot. Although Microsoft Cloud is used by both large companies and small businesses, it is very possible to set minimum infrastructure requirements, as is the case Microsoft Sentinel.

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