Microsoft does Windows 8. Windows 7 already smoked :)

Although we did not back yet after That Microsoft we made gift (Although on a determined period and in exchange feedback) After some months, although Windows 7 Release Candidate has not yet been released (only that they are already kissing Microsoft OEM partner sites, We, ordinary people, we have to wait a little longer: until or until after 5 more ... :)), although Windows 7 RTM (Ie final draft and final ... until the first SP) Has to wait until the second half of 2010 (I do not venture to give data, we have all heard rumors) ... Windows 7 "outdated". I will say that I'm crazy, but if I'm tra-la-la, We can say that Microsoft is on the right track, right? Why? By reason of Windows 8 (Named symbolic, at least for now, or Copenhagenor MidoriOr ... whatever).

OMG. I never thought there would be Windows 8. I thought it would stop at 7.999… periodical

So if you have a way codes, networking and stuff from what Microsoft asks hereThen success! Already hiring for development the new operating system Windows. And, again, it's not about Windows 7. Hence the following dilemma: impatience in what direction should it be used? All Windows 7? Or already Windows 8?

Microsoft does Windows 8. Windows 7 already smoked :)

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