Microsoft will appeal to Kaspersky's experience for the future of AntiVirus on Windows 10

Microsoft intends to bring significant improvements to protect users in the upcoming major Windows 10.
For Windows 10 Fall Creators, Microsoft plans to collaborate with antivirus software and solutions security, which produces Windows sotware.

As we all know, Microsoft has its own protection software for users, but in the case cyber attacks cu virus ransomware, It turned out to be totally ineffective. Russian company Kaspersky, Producing antivirus software si IT security systems, Criticized Microsoft repeatedly for the way he treated it Security solutions offered by an antivirus third-party on Windows. Windows Defender It was activated immediately Expires the license For an existing antivirus on the system without noticeable visibility for users.
In addition, another major problem it was a Incompatibility of security and antivirus solutions with the new upgrades of Windows 10. Microsoft did not notify the security and antivirus companies about the changes that will be made in the new versions of Windows, so after the third-party protection solutions have become incompatible.

Starting with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft plans to introduce changes to improve the support of antivirus vendors so they can provide protection and security to Windows clients. At the same time, the company plans to change the system by which users are notified about Expiration of antivirus solutions Or any incompatibilities to which they are exposed. Until now, users could find out that their antivirus has expired and that Windows Defender was automatically turned on, only Windows Security Center. From the next upgrade, notifications will be displayed on the user's desktop and will not disappear until it does the dedicated button to close the notification.

Third-party antivirus vendors can create their own notification systems to alert customers that the license is close to expiration or expired. Additionally, you can add the Windows Defender license renewal or opt-out options.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Will be released this fall and will bring significant changes to the Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft will appeal to Kaspersky's experience for the future of AntiVirus on Windows 10

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