Microsoft will cease support for Windows RTM view, Windows XP SP2 yes Windows 2000

Period of support for operating systems Windows RTM view, Windows XP SP2 si Windows 2000 is rapidly approaching completion.

On April 13 2010, Microsoft will cease support for operating systems Windows RTM view (ie without SP's), and on July 13 2010 will cease support for Windows XP SP2 yes Windows 2000 / Windows Server 2000. Yes, they only chose lucky data. 13 & 13 :)

Termination of official support for these operating systems is termination updatesecurity, hardware compatibility / software and updateof architecture. Of these systems, support will be maintained only for July 13th Microsoft Windows server 2003But it will be moved from the Mainstream Support pe Extended Support.

users Windows XP SP2 are advised to upgrade to version Windows XP SP3 or do an OS upgrade Windows 7 (for those whose PCs are compatible Windows 7.)
It is interesting that recently have been reported more and more crashSites operating system Windows XP SP2. It seems that these crashes which often begin with BSoD and ends with the reinstallation of the operating system, appear either after some updateCEs of Windows SP2, either behind installation of drivers which in the past were compatible with Windows XP SP2. Strange.  

I don't know if there is any connection or if it was just a coincidence, but 3-4 PCs with Windows XP SP2 recently installed, they "cracked" after trying to install some drivers for modemAPIs for Mobile Internet (Like Orange Mobile)

If it happened to defend you  blue screen error (Blue Screen of Death / BSoDS) or other abnormal errors pe Windows XP SP2Please leave us a message in the comments.

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