Patrick Swayze's death - Profitable for spammers WWW

American actor death Patrick Swayze because cencerului pancreatic turned into a profitable business for "Small businesses" www. They were used by one SEO tactics (Search Engine Optimization) To obtain a high rank (Eg in Google, Sites Page Rank sea ​​are displayed in the first page of results) among search engine results - blogging information actor's life. Thus, a simple Search which contains the name of the actor most likely show through the results dozens of pages of spam.

Users who visit those pages are informed by a pop-up they the "infected", Another window that mimics alert Windows Security is used as a factor in persuasion and then are advised to use certain online scanners to get rid of viruses. This places a PHP script in system script creates log with information about the location (country and city) who fall in place spammers. Most likely this information is used to traffic analysis.

Lately, the number of those who take advantage of such events to dim Internet cu malwareAnd the unsuspecting (and more ...) are the most exposed. Promise of exclusive videos and pictures of some on News / Gossip edge fool they allow installing malware (Adware, Spyware etc.) or of s fake security tool on their own (or not) systems. Moreover, it is clear that spammers and "suppliers" of malware used increasingly more SEO techniques to make trap sites to attract as many victims.

Patrick Swayze's death - Profitable for spammers WWW

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