Monitors and increases the battery life of your laptop with BatteryCare [Demo]

No matter if laptop Your age has an appreciable or barely left the store, definitely you want to make sure that battery He will "live" a life span and lacking health problems. If you noticed drastic changes in behavior it (like that sometimes it casually to a few hours while others is out quicklyIn even less than 30 min), not to worry any note before taking on some possible reasons all dubious (on the contrary, as can be normal):

  • watching a movie or games that require graphics card pope battery in a relatively short time
  • Internet browsing (read news, chat etc) is more tolerant to it (ie laptop battery), but in about 2-3 hours already shows signs of weakness; Instead download excessive (or not necessarily) finds it HAC in one hour and a half
  • editing documents or using programs necessary office work activity is pretty light battery, so it will not protest than perhaps after a little more than 4-5 hours
  • if you listen to music on your laptop, you should know that decisive how fast it is and consume battery volume: Slower - brisk longer battery; louder - exhausted battery in a shorter time than if you listen to soft music.

In any case, one thing to keep in mind when you find that your laptop battery from the crazy, is that its monitoring by Windows It is often easy (to say the least) regarding faulty reporting on the loading or unloading battery.

If you want to Keep an eye on your laptop battery to see if indeed there are problems, or if you just want reports about this to be done accurately, BatteryCare It is exactly what you want.

BatteryCare will stay open systrayJust like built-in manager WindowsBut will give more detailed and accurate information about your laptop battery and allows your changing energy plan (power plan) Without having to enter control Panel. Additionally displays including CPU temperature (CPU) And the HDDacquis.

batterycare power-crying

For details of your laptop battery and to access BatteryCare settings, Right click on battery from systray to open.

settings battery-info

Download BatteryCare.

Score: BatteryCare not solve your laptop battery, but warns you if they exist through proper monitoring its lifetime (time of discharge).

BatteryCare is free. Compatible with all editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit. To use this application you must have installed Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0.

Monitors and increases the battery life of your laptop with BatteryCare [Demo]

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