Mortuary Orchestra of Reality TV

I have TV in the room, because my two computers are sufficient, four phones and two cats. Watch TV when I'm at the table and then have a button on the remote control and press-key 7 -> Reality TV. Tonight, at 01: 30 began to replay a program which they say is a nene "Reality DayShow that point a day"
Subject or a part of the show was broadcast, national football team. Her knocked the ball in issue on the national anthem. At the beginning of the game RomaniaFranceIn the current edition of European Championship, Tricolorii sang the anthem affiliation, ever (especially Chivu @ tenor :)). I heard the first time anyone had asked something, ie change national anthem for football. Google loves me and I finally found an article that said he confirmed those on reality TV, the uncle guy with glasses from the issue mentioned above.

Anthem shouted by the Romanian football 11 was perhaps the most successful moment of the match Romania-France, ranked by the European press as the most boring of the dispute before the tournament. Image captain Cristian Chivu actually screaming the lyrics to "Wake up, Romanian" were much more exciting than discrete joy at the end, after a draw with sacrifices rarely obtained were linked to football.


Despite unprecedented enthusiasm, the Romanian Football Federation officials want change anthem "Wake up, Romanian" something more energetic and rhythmic. The idea came from players during rehearsals, Piţurcă players are excited and how famous called "Marseillaise" Monday evening in Zurich


That Uncle (someone help me, I do not know his name and not shown.) moderator, began the show with a phrase that left me sore food.

Moderator Reality Day "Perhaps instead tricolorii national anthem would like to play manele or hip-hop ... tell us ...

May uncle, moderatoru `Mortu (Take the show invited two political mummies). I think that you just say, because I refuse to believe that reality TV are just people like you who keep his wisdom in prompt. To say that national PHIE wants instead of the anthem, manele and hip-hop, think that RomaniaIs known the world over by Athletes value you gave except through embassies, tourist attractions, culture and people of culture. From what I read on the net, not the national team anthem wants change, but FRF's ... But you be bound for nothing FRF during the European Championship when you Romanian National foreground.
Caru 'made me the jitters when I heard how much support the national team and how much attempt to amplify, dramatize and turn against the national team, the "news" of KKT.
Personally, I would not agree that the national football team, to change the anthem. Hymn "Awake Roman" in my opinion should remain an anthem of the Revolution. It's hard to get used to the idea that "Wake up, Romanian, from your deadly sleep ..."Can represent a nation.
Yes ... it would have been a news if instead of the change of the anthem, it would have been necessary to change the flag ... but maybe the moderator does not know how many times, the Romanian athletes who are legitimate and trained at clubs abroad after the victory raised the flag of Romania .


Mortuary Orchestra of Reality TV

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