Motorola AURA

Who said that Motorola entered out of ideas? Not entered at all and no market makers Mobile Phones will not evaporate. Who knows, Motorola mobile founded with the invention and launch transceiver stations, strictly first used by the military.

On October 21 2008 in a press releaseMotorola announced the new project. AURA. Luxurious design inspired wristwatches, Motorola AURA phone is designed to handle even the most refined tastes in design.

Motorola Aura

The element that distinguishes Motorola AURA and existing before the market is dispalyCPC circularCreated a highly durable material: crystal (sapphire crystal). :) Currently no known purchase price of this mobile phone, but supposed to be as luxury class for which it was created.

Sophisticated design, high performance racing engines and the quality of a photographic print served as the perfect muses to inspire the creation of AURA.

motorola aura display 300dpi / AURA

Motorola AURA

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