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Yesterday I asked someone to transfer sounds / songs 1MB smaller in size.mp3 for mobile phone. I'm not happy to make dubious sounds on my phone when someone rings, so I didn't even have mp3s for the phone on my PC. I did a search on DC ++ for "mp3 mobile" and among the results I found…

"Mucus salt"

"Post Orgasm"

“Answerphone - You Have 937 Messages”

“Pick up honey”

I imagine what your "Post Orgasm" or "salt mucus" phone will ring like during a business meeting or when you're in the boss's office. :))
I suffered a live phase at Banc Post, when the gentleman in front of me was warned by "a cow" that he was being called.

The above ringtones plus others can be downloaded from https: // / mobile. There is also a direct connection from the mobile phone browser, via WAP / GPRS.

mobile mp3

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