Vodafone Thank you!

PING tryout.ro ( 56 (84) bytes of date.

- Tryout.ro ping statistics -
Transmitted packets 11, 0 received, 100% packet loss, Time 9997ms

PING imprevizibil.ro ( 56 (84) bytes of date.

- Imprevizibil.ro ping statistics -
Transmitted packets 12, 0 received, 100% packet loss, Time 10997ms IPv4 - pfff

Downtime more than 2 hours and so went the last day of service webhosting provided by Vodafone (MyDomain). I'm tired of "professionals" from * 222Internet and data"I demanded that with few weeks ago to wait 7 days to give meEPP Key CPC stealthsettings.com Necessary transfer "Registrar". Cica had to do not know what application to (Registrar) to get EPP. I solved the problem with 6 days before their half. Reply from the EPP's DOMreg with me by e-mail arrived within hours.

Ok. What's next ?


Vodafone Thank you!

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