MySQL Server - How to change / set the root user password via SSH.

How can we set or change the password for the MySQL root user's.

After instalm server pe Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSDEtc. UNIXThe first thing you should do is us set the password for the user "root". This MySQL Server - Change root & password users.user "comes" with MySQLHe had nothing to do with the user "root" of serverSite. Many beginners try to connect to MySQL with the root user, use password / server system, and of course the answer is "Access Denied".

How to set root password for the first time after installing the MySQL server.

We login the system (we use the connection or telnet) and use command "mysqladmin"To set the root user password for MySQL server.

mysqladmin -u root password NOUAPAROLA

Comnda using mysqladmin can change the user's password root of MySQL or another user.
To change the root user password, use the following command line:

mysqladmin -u root -p'vecheaparola' password nouaparola

In the above example, the command to change the root user password. If you change a user password, the command line is modified slightly.

mysqladmin -u numeuser -p oldpass password newpass

- Setup, change & update MySQL users root & password.

MySQL Server - How to change / set the root user password via SSH.

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