Anonymous Internet browsing with SafeIP

Sometimes, for various reasons, we want to anonymous web surfingOr to make protect privacyOr to leave no traces. In some cases, we want to change IP address to access certain restricted sites. Whatever the case, the simplest solution is to use a applications such as SafeIP.

SafeIP is a freeware application which help users to hide or change IP address to surf the Internet anonymously. SafeIP protect online identity users, encrypting Internet traffic with a Private Proxy and provides protection for cookies, Browser ID, DNS, Wi-Fi si Referer. In addition, offers protection against dangerous websites.

How does SafeIP?

After installing the application, click on the Connect to change IP address. If you wish to change IP again, Click on Change IP.

On the main page you can view Your real IP address and also that protection settings enabled.


To change settingsClick on the tab Settings, Here you can configure the application to automatically change your IP after a certain period of time.

In tab OptimizationsYou can configure Proxy settings depending on the purpose for which the use SafeIP:

  • Anonymous Web Surfing (If you just want to surf the Internet without making too much traffic)
  • Fast Streaming Content (If you want to view online videos or listen to radio)
  • Bulk or Mass Mailing (If you want to send newsletters or other mass e-mails and use ISP blocks ports associated with sending e-mails)
  • Download and Torrent (If you want to protect your IP when you want to download from torrent sites, this option is available only with SafeIP Pro license)


Download SafeIP.

Notes: Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. To ensure a speed connection, it is recommended to select locations close to the real one.

STEALTH SETTINGS - Surf Anonymously on the Internet with SafeIP

Anonymous Internet browsing with SafeIP

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