New skin for GMail & Google Calendar - Google Redesigned -

Google RedesignedIs an extension of Mozilla FirefoxDesigned by people from Globex Designs, Who had set out to completely change the graphics of the most popular services offered by Google. This could be achieved by changing CSSAcquis (Cascading Style Sheet) and some files loaded in the browser. After installing this extension in the upper right corner of the browser, there is an icon / button "Google Redesigned", where you can choose the desired skin, check for updates and see the CSS source.

Globex Designs, modified by now fully graphical interface GMail si Google Calendar. They did a superb job and do not think they have missed too many details.

Screenshot Gmail.



Screenshot GCal.


Google Redesigned is designed for browsers that are based on Mozilla (Firefox, Flock, Iceweasel, etc.). For those using other browsers, this extension is not compatible. The correct functioning of this graphic style is on Flock (Tested by me) and Firefox 3.

If you want a new look for Gmail and GCal, all you have to do is install the extension from . After installation, restart your browser and click the icon in the lower-right corner and select "Check for Updates Style". This will check for and automatically installed the latest graphic styles available.

New skin for GMail & Google Calendar - Google Redesigned -

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