New options for customization in Windows 8.1 Lock Screen Preview

Windows 8.1 Preview, released last weekCame bundled with a number of improvements made by microsoft (At least most of them) on user demand. Among the most important are Start button (Which to the disappointment of some open The Start Screen and not a Start menu as he would have liked), the option to boot to the DesktopAble to 2 run applications side-by-side (split view) on the same screen in proportions of 50% / 50% (vs. 75% / 25% as in Windows 8), the ability to access System settings available control Panel directly from PC SettingsThe option disable hot corners (Charm bar and App Switch list), Modern applications buit-in new and more options for personalization / customization a modern interface (Start Screen and Lock Screen).

In a few days will tell you about o application which allows users to customize The Lock Screen in Windows 8 so that it can display a slideshow with images of your choice on it, and also can change the notifications displayed by applications. In Windows 8.1 Preview These options are available in the default mode in the new PC Settings (which he said was also much improved).

lockscreen-windows 8.1

How can we enable the display of the Windows SlideShow 8.1 Lock Screen?

  • open PC Settings (Charms menu) and navigate to PC & Devices> Lock Screen
  • in the right pane to enable the Play slide show on the lock screen (drag the slider toward option displayed as On)


After you enable the display slide show on lock screen, you can customize this feature with other options available:

  • You can choose to display a slide show on the lock screen even when the laptop is running on battery or mobile device (recommended but due to high energy consumption)
  • can be used to show images stored in Shil'ds default Pictures folder or add any folders you want (Add a folder option under Use pictures from) so that the slide show to display images stored in these
  • You can enable / disable displaying slide show in shuffle mode (images are displayed randomly) using option Let Windows choose pictures for my slide show
  • have the option to set a specific time after which the system inacxtivitate Lock Screen will be displayed on the display (show the screen lock after my PC is inactive for ...)
  • and last but not least, you can choose to turn off the Lock Screen's display after a certain period of time (or do not stop it at all) using the option Turn off screen after slide show has played for.

Applications shown on Lock Screen


Regarding the applications that Notifications and statuses displays the Lock / Screen, their number has also changed the Alarm app added (this can be replaced as desired to alarm third-party applications downloaded from the Windows Store) plus users can add two modern applications (optional) which will be displayed on the Lock Screen Notifications.

Camera device that runs the system can be accessed directly from the Lock Screen in Windows 8.1 Preview, users only need to pull down (swipe) the finger (or mouse) on the screen to open (activate the option Use the camera from the lock screen ).

And last but not least, Windows 8.1 Preview now have the option to stop / activate the WiFi connection (or change the network that are connected) directly on the Lock Screen, which is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen, below the button Ease of Access, if you drag your finger / mouse up the Screen Lock (swipe).

STEALTH SETTINGS - New options for Windows 8.1 customize Lock Screen Preview

New options for customization in Windows 8.1 Lock Screen Preview

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