NOKIA 1600 / Soft and fluffy

I read on some sitesmobilecomments holdersNOKIA 1600. Generally, people have a good opinion of him. Phone for people who want to talk and point. Free wap no mms, no card, no mp3, no camera, no Bluetooth, no sex, etc. According to the manufacturer, the phone has a memory of 4MB. Does not appear anywhere in the menu and data cable for NOKIA 1600 there. Where the available memory is displayed? How can it be used, if it even exists?

I never wanted this phone just a month or so, after which I gave to my father. Tata, A real NOKIA tester. After lamenting terrible back pain last week, caused by a NOKIA 3310 you woke up this morning (your work), this week came among a NOKIA 1600 and resistance to be tested. :)

Test NOKIA 1600

- Testing time: 60 minutes

- Temperature: 60 ° C

- Spin speed: rpm 800

- Rinsing intensive

OS : Whirlpool AWO 10561 :D

Do you realize how tough phone? After almost dry out (very fragrant) of washing machine, dryer I put him within minutes. The phone works without problems. Now that's phone!

- How did I, to put the phone in the washing machine?

- I looked in the jacket pocket ...

- Pfff ...

- There's nothing ... well it works. It's clean.

- Soft and fluffy :)

Do not Try This at Home! No curious if Panasonic GD51 and / or LG B2100 withstand such treatment Whirlpool: D

NOKIA 1600 / Soft and fluffy

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