The new programming language, Swift will be the basis Android

Google considers that in the future, the new programming language, Swift, will be the basis of Android. What does this mean, exactly? Basically, Android will be completely changed. At the moment, Android is an operating system based on Java programming language. A programming language that is not "user friendly" for developers or for the mobile devices it runs on. It is known that most of the devices (mobile phones, smartphones, tablets) encounter security problems and especially stability due to Android optimization. Swift would be a step forward for Google, even if it meant too much open-source programming language, developed by Apple.

Swift is a programming language interactive and even fun, according to those from Apple, which have developed and integrated it on all devices. At the moment, Swift is used for everything that it means operating system developed by Apple. OS X (IMac, Mac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) iOS (All models of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) tvOS (system for Apple TV) yes WATCH (smart watches from Apple). Another strength of Swift is that performance optimization for devices.
Let's make a small comparison. How does iOS run on an iPhone with 1GB RAM, and how does an Android running on a Samsung with 1GB RAM? From experience, we say that on Android, 1GB RAM is not enough. The Java language running Android is a little overwhelming, as well as the Flash technology developed by Adobe. Over time, both will remain just as references in the history of IT.


We will see and we will wait with great interest this step of Google. This should be focusing step a new era in smart phones and other mobile devices.

The new programming language, Swift will be the basis Android

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