Nu`i like points / Pando sharing / Yahoo plugin :)

There are enough people started using to transfer files over YIM! sharing plugin . They also reasons! Some of the advantages of using his

- Transfer of files / folders to 1GB
- The ability to see the speed of download / upload (Bandwidth) packages.
- Allow temporary interruption of transfer (pause)
- Transfer can be resumed from the point they became lost if Internet connection. (Resume)
- Forwarding packets. ... (forward) Etc etc and more details their website.

So far everything is OK, you do not have an ID YM! containing the point (.). With an ID of the form namePando. Surname or tralala.blala ( D) only plugin you can use to send files Being impossible (at least temporarily) for someone to send you. Pando does not allow transfer of files to IDs that contain '.' Point. Super cool! He wants to go. `Devils on it ... ppffff ... From what I've seen on the official website of Pando is not specified anything about this problem (bug?). Probably quite a few people using point id and version for YM! plugin has not been tested for all forms of characters allowed for Yahoo! IDs.
Transfer problem (incoming) in this case is quite simple. From what I've seen Pando has no beef with the system login YAHOO! . It is a softulet sharing identifying IPs behind IDs making it possible to transfer data between them.
I logged onto an ID without point and started to get the Pando files without problems. Once the transfer has started, I did logout and I went on my normal ID (at the point).
The transfer went smoothly. : D

Sending files and folders

To Yahoo! Messenger contacts:

  1. Click the send new button in the Pando section of Yahoo! Messenger. A drawer slides out.
  2. Drag and drop contacts into the to: field, or click the To: button and select a contact from the window That openSUSE. Contacts Need to be online and have the Pando Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in installed. (Note: Yahoo! Messenger Will know if your contact has the plugin installed and, if not, whether your contact is using a version of Yahoo! Messenger That Will work with the plugin. Spooky, huh? Invite your own site contact to install the plug-in. Click the down arrow next to Pando in the Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in section. Choose Send Plug-in to a Contact.)
  3. add files and folders by dragging and dropping them onto the Send window. If you aren't sending folders, you can easily navigate to individual files by clicking the add button.
  4. Give the Package (that's the Pando name for this group of files and folders you're sending) a name. If you also want to add a description, click on the Package Name link.
  5. click Send. Stay online until the progress bar shows, That you're done sending. Will get your container of pop-up message Announcing Their new Package, and you'll get a pop-up saying That it was Delivered. Your recipients have 14 days to download the Package.

Receiving Packages

When someone Sends you a Pando Package, you'll get a popup notice from Yahoo! Messenger.

  1. The Info button will tell you the name of the Package, the file size and a description if the sender entered one.
  2. click Download in English. You'll get a progress bar. Or ...
    click Later to put off downloading it. When you want it, click the Received button. Will it stay on that list and be available for downloading for 14 days. Or ...
    click No Thanks. The Package will go away and not show up on any lists.
  3. If you clicked Download, the files or folders are downloaded to a folder called My Pando Packages in your My Documents folder. When the Package finishes downloading, click the Open button. single files should open in the appropriate application. If you downloaded a folder or multiple files, a window will open showing the contents.

A Pando Package can be downloaded for 14 days from the last time it was sent or forwarded. If you wait longer than that to try and download one, you may get a notice that the Package has expired. Pando Will try and find a copy of the Package still available on the network but, if That Fails, Will you have to ask the sender to Resend it.


Nu`i like points / Pando sharing / Yahoo plugin :)

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