A helping hand stretched by trafic.ro

Quality "very good" services offered lately makes me think that I counter displaying the "Traffic Ranking" of trafic.ro just to advertise them. Statistics on visitors / day going crazy, crazy referrer plus not see anywhere in the account button "delete site". Okay. I'll leave www.stealthsettings.com on trafic.ro freefall until they look to erase it from monitoring.

stealth settings

Inclined to believe that many sites are included in trafic.ro for the sake competition and for the sake brandTrafic.ro site. I remember that there were owners of unfinished sites that I stress "I myself joined the site faster trafic.ro". Ignorant people, for that would have been enough to put trafic.ro longstanding. png red and black trafic.ro (traffic Ranking), And would have been enough. However not know to analyze a statistic. For them it was something like you did not sign with trafic.ro, does not exist. It was like a brand in online existence. Others use trafic.ro right track for running. Sign up just for the sake of competition and tend to get as above. Ranking. It's good. Without competition, there would be champions. The most advantaged by trafic.ro are those who analyze traffic. Track performance, target and profile your visitors to access the site. It is useful, especially for sites that offer better targeted services and seeking to lure a certain type of users are able to generate profits.

I prefer to remain faithful service Google Analytics (The best, in my opinion) and to trust the new service 100% Romanian . Bye, bye trafic.ro.

AT $ ubiective reasons I returned in traffic :)

A helping hand stretched by trafic.ro

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