A new family for him ...

Roxana: I did tree together: D ... with pisitrek :P
laurentiu: lol
laurentiu: Tree and stand with him? :))
laurentiu: how is doing ?
Roxana: resist
Roxana: PEY already ... Dad loves Mom ... and I do not just say
Roxana: Have someone sleep now
laurentiu: Well you know that sleeping in bed with you ..
[...]Roxana: .se Lead but already ... more on dad ... ..but I steal i`l
laurentiu: Hehehe ...
Roxana: L`am got ready
Roxana: Came to mineeeeeeee
Roxana:: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...
Roxana: Toarcee
laurentiu: Deserves to be loved ...
laurentiu: And thank you
Roxana: Yes .. worth
Roxana: And I thank k given mi`l`ai
Roxana: O sa`l love and to have good care of it
laurentiu: Thank you .. and know that was the best gift for Christmas ...

Yes, today I found a new family ... and .. no comment nimc. I have a soft spot for animals, and sometimes find that they have a soul better than some people. Atop the hell, it's twice now feel the sensation of "bittersweet". I am satisfied with the present situation and yet I miss ..


Thanks Roxana!

A new family for him ...

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