A new critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer puts systems at risk Windows

Just when he started to escape bad reputation de insecure browser, Internet Explorer and gave it to the post. It was discovered a few days ago critical vulnerability in IEThat allows hacker sa remotely execute arbitrary code server, even if just visit a infected web page. Unfortunately, this time, it is not just a problem 6 old IE versionsBecause they are affected including versions 7, 8 si 9And vulnerability that is already exploitedThrough it already is affected thousands of computers.


Exploit are 4 main componentsThey are file Explot.html which acts as a starting point, then a flash file, Moh2010.swf, responsible for the trojan infection PoisonIvy, file Protect.html which "activates" vulnerability which can exploit, and additional malicious components, Downloaded and installed on the compromised by trojan.

Poisonivy is a backdoor trojan that allows unauthorized access and control of an affected macclothes It attempts to hide by injecting itself into other processes.

Until this major problem Internet Explorer will be solved by Microsoft, it is recommended either upgrade to IE 10Which is not affected by the vulnerability, either use alternative browsers, e.g Firefox, Opera or Chrome. If you don't want to give up using Internet Explorer altogether, or you need it to browse certain sites, including Microsoft recommends either Internet and Local intranet security set areas la High pebtru block ActiveX Controls si Acrivitza ScriptingOr install Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit and add Internet Explorer browser The exploit thereto to block (to Download the toolkit and to learn more information about it, visit Microsoft official website).

Note: Details about the vulnerability and how it can affect computers find here.

STEALTH SETTINGS - New critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer dangers Windows systems

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