Offline Updater for Kaspersky Internet Security & Antivirus (Add update source in the KIS / KAV)

Great Potentially malicious the PC is the Internet. Most viruses come from Internet attacks, but that does not mean a PC that is not connected to the Internet does not require a Anti-Virus Software. Viruses can penetrate through CDs, DVDs, mobile phone cards, USB flash drives and storage media, etc. are attached PC.
Correct installation and configuration of a antivirus software can protect the system, but for PCs that are not connected to Internet, UpdateThe database antivirus, Is a problem. Antivirus software updates has not made the day (or even once a week) can not identify new types of viruses.
The simplest solution to update antivirus on a PC that is not connected to the Internet, remains Offiline UpdaterSite. This method involves downloading databases UpdateSites on a PC connected to the Internet, and transferring them to the PC offline with an external HDD, memory stick or using a mobile phone (phone card can be sufficiently roomy).

Offline Update for users of Kaspersky Internet Security & AntiVirus.

1. Download the archive with the updates (KLUpdater.zipS) on page: 

This contains a software updateThat will help download databases up to dateFor all Kaspersky products. You will see that it is useful for all versions Kaspersky Internet Security si Kaspersky Antivirus.

2. Unzip KLUpdater.zipAnd the folder that it creates run KasperskyUpdater.exe. Users of Windows and Windows Vista 7 will have to run the executable "Run as administrator".

kaspersky updater run as administrator

3. In the panel that opens (Kaspersky Updater), select the product and version you want to download antivirus updates. The image below is selected Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Updater

After selecting, click on the buttons Apply & Start, And wait until the download is complete. (May take up to several minutes. Depending on download speed).

4. Upon completion of the upload folder in KLUpdater (Result 2 point.) A notice that appeared two new folders. Temp si Updates.
folder Updates contains updates to antivirus databases for your selected software Copy this folder on your PC that you have antivirus installed.

Add Offline Update Source in Kaspersky Antivirus & Kaspersky Internet Security.

1. right click Kaspersky icon in the lower-right corner (systray) & Click Update in the menu that opens.

kaspersky update menu

2. In Kaspersky Update Center, Click on the button Settings. (E somewhere in the upper right corner)

3. Click on the button SettingsFrom ... "Update source".


4. In the Update Settings, click + Add Updates and select the folder that was created in section 4. of Kaspersky Updater.

add update source

OK, OK ... & Apply & Update :)

Now add a new source update. Local source that you can current whenever you want

Kaspersky Kaspersky Offline Update & Add Update Source
Stealth Settings .

Offline Updater for Kaspersky Internet Security & Antivirus (Add update source in the KIS / KAV)

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