Oh yes.

I quit smoking! ... Or so to speak. This is the fourth day that replace Kent Blue (Kent 8) with Kent White (Kent 1). Ie four days draw smoke into the lungs more easily than steam is made from a put to boil in saucepan. Wallet has nothing against, but spend as much heart begins to come back (old issues) and I feel that soon I will not feel the need for cigarettes. Worse! I like to smoke. I do not want to quit smoking but you get used to the idea that someday (preferably as soon as possible) should be. Ahh ... yes. It was not enough that I agreed to give up smoking, now I come to drink and coffee from McDonald's (One / day). It's orgasmic sit on the terrace at MCD surrounded by small children screaming hysterically, pull out a cigarette coffee flavor and look in a box with small green aliens. How nice ... hhrrr.

Conclusion: hhrrrr

Oh yes.

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