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I wrote something about a year ago . A free software that uses proxy to protect your identity when you visit a website.

Mask Surf does essentially the same thing, only provides better protection of your identity than most software of ""Mask Surf, mask or hide information about the type of operating system (OS) and browser (Firefox, Opera, Flock, IE, Safari, etc.) and your IP address using technology Tor (A project to develop a network of virtual tunnels that allows users hide identity online).

Mask Surf besides the protective role of online identity, Is a good cleaner. Can be configured to delete caches, URL cache, formuri & passwords, cookies, and downloads history. If you use multiple browsers, you can configure the application to each browser separately.


As a bonus protection, and saves you curious looking "how IP is a person y! Messenger?";). In addition to compatibility with the most popular browsers, the application offers support for most popular systems IM (AIM, Windows Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and ICQ).

Download in English: Mask Surf Standard $ 35

The application runs on operating systems Windows 2000XPVista. For more details visit

Online Privacy Solution - Mask Surf

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