Opera Mini 5 Beta - Manage & Read Feeds (RSS Reader)

With a few days ago has released the latest version of (Opera Mobile). Opera Mini Beta 5It comes with a number of changes and improvements compared to the previous version (Opera Mini 4.2), But this beta is still unknown to many users.
Besides lots of news brought 5 Opera Mini Beta (tabbed browsing, style, password manager, speed dialEtc.), there are some gaps.
Great absent in Opera Mini Beta is 5 RSS ReaderCPC. Although the browser header appears linkthe CPC feed for websites and is subscription allowed to flowRSS Reader does not appear anywhere in Opera Mobile menu. Basically remain subscribed but not able to access the list of feeds. We do not have a button / link for rss reader :)

5 opera mini feed

opera mini subscribe 5

opera mini 5 Subscribed

How do I access RSS Reader Opera Mini Beta 5.

- Post address / URL must type "feed: list"

opera mini feed 5 list

Now we have access to, Opera Mini 5 - RSS Reader. We can read the news on websites to which we can manage subscribers and feed listCEs (Manage Feeds).

opera mini 5 feed list (2)

5 opera mini stealth settings

We tested this method of access to RSS Reader, Opera Mini for 5 (BlackBerry Curve 8320), but certainly this method is valid for versions Java Beta of Opera Mini 5.

Download in English Opera Mini Beta 5: m.opera.com/next

RSS Reader in Opera Mini Beta 5 (BlackBerry)
Stealth Settings .

Opera Mini 5 Beta - Manage & Read Feeds (RSS Reader)

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