Optimize Windows 7 with 7Plus Tweaking Tool

Even if Windows 7 rightly deserves its reputation the most stable and fast operating system WindowsDoes not mean it can not be better than that. Each user can partially improve performance of this system by various optimization methods or through tweak applications, that can solve various errors "Manufacturing" and can adjust the settings Windows 7 in Vedra improve reaction speed, balancing resource consumption etc.

7Plus is a free application - Yet powerful - developed specifically for optimizing operating system Windows 7. For distinction of any kind other tool to tweak sites, 7Plus can add some functions very welcome to the existing users in OS, namely option tab in Windows Explorer, Activation or deactivation of hotkeys thereof, change settings for taskbar, desktop, folders etc.


Another interesting feature of the application is the option to activate 7Plus upload directly from Windows Explorer an account ftp using key combinations Ctrl+U.

Note: This application is compatible with all editions of Windows 7, 32biti and 64biti.

Optimize Windows 7 with 7Plus Tweaking Tool

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