Orange buy UPC Romania.

Orange put the final touches to take over UPC. This was made public Sitra online DealWatch Without being confirmed so far by Orange (local division France Telecom) And / or UPC (local division Liberty Global).

"It was already an agreement between Orange and Liberty Global's UPC Romania in terms of sales," said a source in London.

If this piece of news will become real for Vodafone, Frankly days come ... with a lot of paper Hygienic. :))

More details can be found on si (Where I stole the picture below: D


To be continued: "Vodafone, RDS buy," "Microsoft, nu buy Yahoo "," Cosmote, Vodafone buy "," Google, buy ",", buying Microsoft ". eh? the sound? Will Vodafone to month ... Yowch.

Orange buy UPC Romania.

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