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I was asked tonight, a solution back-up messages e-mail from Outlook Express. The simplest solution found so far was an application Outlook Express Backup Expert. It is much simpler than the solution offered by Microsoft How to back up and restore Outlook Express to date.

Outlook Express Backup Expert It is an application that will help you make a backup of your e-mails on Outlook Express. The solution is useful both for home users (Using Microsoft Outlook) and for companies, businessmen. Back-up e-mail messages in Outlook prevents loss Messages operating system in case of destruction, the destruction of the hard drive, laptop theft, etc ...

Outlook Express Backup

Besides messages e-mail, Outlook Express Backup Expert make a backup and have contacted, Activities in Outlook Calendar, Tasks. It is a good solution for transferring messages from Outlook Express on a PC to another. You can transfer the backup to DVD / CD, memory stick, external hdd or any other data carrier.
The graphic interface of this tool is very intuitive and understandable and the most inexperienced user. Once installed, the software offers a choice between two different operating modes. Expert and standard.
Before starting back-up should take a few simple settings. You must set the folder that will keep the backup, the items that will be copied from Outlook Express (Email, Calendar, Calendar, Tasks), At the end of these settings, you can choose the place where you want the backup copy to be sent. On a CD (via Windows XP CD Writer) or on the Internet (connection to a FTP is required)

oulook ftp backup

Outlook Express Backup Expert provides the option to set the FTP account to send children rezrva at intervals determined by your automatic backup .

Download Outlook Express Backup Expert ~ 2.2 MB

Specified, the tool is not compatible Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 & 2003.

Copy messages from Outlook Express on CD, memory stick, External HDD or another partition. Microsoft Outlook Express Backup.
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Outlook Express - Email Backup Expert

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