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Wi-Fi Network

How to see the passwords of the Wi-Fi networks you have connected to – macOS

iCloud I think it is the main advantage that distinguishes Apple by other device and software manufacturers. Owners of iPhone, iPad, Mac, MacBook, Apple Watch and...

Windows Tips and tricks

What is Hybrid? Sleep and how do you activate this mode of Standby

I talked in the previous tutorials about what it is Modern Standby and how you activate or deactivate Modern Standby pe Windows 10 si Windows 11. In this …

Windows 11 Power Management

How to activate or deactivate Modern Standby (S0) on Windows 11

The new low power mode, Modern Standby was introduced by Microsoft with Windows 10 and it is a development of the mode Sleep classic (S3). Oder...

Windows Tutorials - Energy Management

What is a Modern Standby and with is different from Standby Classic (Sleep)

To better understand what it is Modern Standby pe Windows 11 si Windows 10, we have to look a little at the ways of sleep and …

Windows 11 Tutorials and Tips

How do you delete Windows.old in Windows 11

Before you know how to delete Windows.old in Windows 11, it is good to know what role it has. Where did this folder appear on the partition of...

Stealth Settings

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