Scent of shells

Nothing more. It's a simple definition ours that try to infer something indefinable. Today the definition of murder and remain with nothing. It's easier that way. Began to rot and smell are ecstatic to run in one direction lor.As convenient for at least any person, but give me satifactia bitterness. For a second. So. One time. I hugged, kissed him on the forehead and sent him to kneel in the corner. Deserve to be punished. Now I feel better. I'm sorry I swept shards on the floor. What do I care if I crush her knees in them? Blood is sweet and red is the color of love. Also nothing to do. A good wait there till you call him and tell him that I had just a bad pass. Let Forgive me, I did not do anything. I breathed the same scent of old wood and naphthalene. I am buried. I pulled the earth over me to keep me warm and forbid my eyes daylight. I did an inventory and found that I have some drawbacks. I'm only belly, feet and tongue. Hear? know where I left my fingers last night? I miss two. Ahh .. no. I'm missing three fingers! Now I know where I've looked but can not remember when. Are tangled in your hair. Not seek anything. Must to close the PC and go. To remember: a pack of Winston Blue and one of Kent Blue. For you ... I, I quit smoking now.

, nothing, nothing. Just bored shells perfume. Waiting for the next train. 'll Probably stop and give you the opportunity to take your place in a car. What does it matter right now? I need to find my lips and lungs. brb.

Scent of shells

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