Parents Open Source?

I'm having a baby… but not now. Later… in a few years. Okay, I won't be able to do it myself. She will do it. How do I name it? :* , _ , % or Enter ?

A couple in China has tried to baptized newly new baby "@"Despite a law prohibiting foreign name using alphabets and languages ​​of minorities in this country.
For the tongue speaks Mandarin Chinese pronunciation of the word "at"In English sounds like"of your"Which in Chinese means"Love Him”-“ (sa) il iubesti ”/”love it".
Chinese authorities have not said whether or not to allow the use of this name. If you are able to keep their name, @ Will have problems later at least in choosing an email address, Most providers prohibiting the use of special symbols in username.

Cool ! In Chinese it has at least a meaning, but I think what parents ".”Will be the ones from the Y! M / IT generation and what ideas will they have when choosing the name for the child. A child who will grow up and reach the age when he has to start a family.
Can you imagine how it would sound a little religious wedding service? =))

Priest : - The handmaid of God is getting married, ^^ the servant of God, ! . … AMIN! (If it is not?) :))

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Parents Open Source?

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