Customize Start Menu in Windows 7

In the default configuration, microsoft left a Start Menu generous users. Shortcuts to large icons for last 10 programs used and to the right of Start Menu are several access roads less used by most users. Games, Devices and Printers, Default Programs si Help and Support.

 Default Start Menu

For a user with a display / monitor reduced in size, the Start Menu would unnecessarily occupy large space when opened.

How can add, delete and reduce the number of shortcuts from the Start Menu (Windows 7 & Windows Vista)

If you want to customize Start Menu and leave only the shortcuts that frequently usedYou have to follow some very simple steps.

1. Right-click on taskbar (Bottom bar Windows) And click on Properties in the menu that opens.

Taskbar Properties

2. In box Taskbar and Start Menu Properties click on the tab "Start Menu"And then click"Customize... ".

Customize Start Menu

3. In the box that opens have the option to add, to remove, to shrink icons and reduce the number of shortcuts Recent programs Start Menu.

Customize the Start menu

Or unchecked tick boxes in the items that we want to set the in Start Menu. Unchecking the box next to "Use large icons" will shrink icons in Start Menu programs.


Finally we cllick OK, and open the Start Menu to see the result.

Personalized Start Menu

my start menu

In the same way you can customize Start Menu and Windows Vista operating systems.
For access to more locations in the PC can use in the Run box or "Search Programs and Files"Start Menu.

Customize Start Menu in Windows 7

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