Cat and hedgehog

A hedgehog and a cat-meet you on a narrow road. Cat gives to spoil, but let out a meow sinister, as hedgehog spines have accomplished mission. Cat looked stung the hedgehog, hedgehog laughs and suddenly it satisfied him an idea:
- Listen, dear cat (he emphasizes the last word with sarcasm), I say it would be interesting to be my guinea pig (cat zbarleste) ... hi-hi! without a touch ironic ... and cats can carry this magnificent role in human progress ... you know, MoMA those that give us food and apples ... ASAA sparrows ... I, however, will be your audience. A spectator greedy ...
Cat thinks twice and, although he winks ariceasca offer something not sound right. Honesty is not a feature of hedgehog ... than when you take off guard and forgets to soften spines ... (say)
- Spectator condition of my guinea pig? Matza asked, turning the nose.
- Spectator your manifestations generally hedgehog replied, looking almost bland.
- Well, then you're twice won. As do more show, the more you take notes and put them on file.
- I understand that you must train for championship gherutze sharp in the back of the chair and red fringes to face the table. A spectator certain you would not be useful. Me but I can not trombone. And then ... who's your miorlaiturile understand me?! ... I'll give you replica on top ... so you're twice and won (at least!) Hedgehog said as the last argument, taking the cat after the middle and wearing a costume (ie the mass of "dissection").

Cat and hedgehog

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