Power Off - Schedule PC to close one

A very simple application that will not require system resources and will help scheduled shutdown after a predetermined time.

power off

"Power Off"Allows us to program the PC after closing 15, 30, 45, 60 minutes ... 3 hours. The ugliest of the application is that it allows us to set ourselves the time to shutdownBut if we can use this direct command Lucu "shutdown-s-t 3600" in "Search programs and files"or in Command Prompt. .

Another weakness is the lack of application of a warning message before closing. If we start the application and watching it in Task BarAfter preset time interval the software will automatically close your PC without sending any warning.
Overcoming these two weak bridge, the app is excellent for anyone who wants to program the automatic shutdown of the PC.

Download Power Off

The application is developed by romaniasoft.ro and it has been tested by us Ultimate and . It works perfectly.

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Power Off - Schedule PC to close one

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