The first effects of the experiment in Geneva - BIG BANG!

Today at 10: 30 started scientific experiment in Geneva, In which researchers want to know the answer to the question "How to create the universe?"Simulating orgasm an explosion of type Big Bang (Fireworks, firecrackers, fireworks and black holes, etc., which led to the creation of Earth. CICA).

Opinions are divided about this experiment. Many scientists say that it is a step (If the experiment fails, it is possible to move forward a few kilometers in the galaxy) for mankind, while others put their wonder whether this experiment will lead to End of the World.

CERN resources are impressive. ~ 10.000 of scientists and over 5 billion for this experiment whose effects begin to be felt.

Google is about to disappear into a black hole proportions. Live Images on

big bang

Scientists disappointed:

e-costin big bang

For more details on this experiment, see until it Pope black hole. Keyword search: "geneva experiment", "Big Bang CERN", "Big Bang CERN research", "Large Hadron Collider".

"Migrés, migrés of Genefue trestous, Saturn d'or en fer is changer, Le contre tous RAYPOZ exterminera, Auant Ciel l'aruent them signes Fera" Renaissance wrote in his book "Les Propheties". "Flee, flee from all Geneva, iron gold Saturn turns, radius a positive counter to exterminate all before it will be signs in the sky." - Michel Nostredame

The first effects of the experiment in Geneva - BIG BANG!

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