Program Compatibility Assistant - This program may not have installed correctly [Windows 7]

It happens sometimes when you install a program Windows 7 or Windows VistaIt is not entirely compatible with new operating systems. Program Compatibility AssistantMight not have this program installed correctly, occurs especially in programs / applications that have been created for operating systems Windows XP or older.

Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA) Is a service of Windows 7That check installer application the system. Check their compatibility. It happens in many cases this message incompatibility occur in softwarethe ones that have been fully installed, and that run smoothly on Windows 7.

Program Compatibility Assistant

More experienced users who know better application compatibility issues for XP pe Windows 7Can disable this serviceThat consumers and system resources. We do not recommend this tutorial less experienced users.

Disable Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA) in Windows 7.

1. First, you must open Windows Services. "Twilight Zone"Operating system, where all system services.
Click on the sign Windows (Start), and in the box "Search programs and files'type services.msc .

Windows Services Index

2. We list Program Compatibility Assistant Service, right click & StopTo stop the service.

Windows Services - Program Compatibility Assistant Service

After closing the box Service ControlThe service is stopped.

control service

3. Simple "Stop" the Program Compatibility Assistant Service, interrupted only run until after the first reboot the PC. To permanently stop the service, right-click it, go to "Properties"And select"Disable"To"Startup type'


Apply & OK.

Program Compatibility Assistant Service was stopped completely, but if I install a program incompatible on Windows 7, Do not be surprised that they would appear errors in software without Windows 7 to send you notification de warning.

disabling Program Compatibility Assistant Service it is recommended only for experienced users who are well aware of the compatibility of the programs on the new operating system, Microsoft Windows 7.

Program Compatibility Assistant Service is a service introduced by Microsoft with the launch operating system Windows Vista. This service operating pcasvc.dll (Service name: PcaSvc), Launched in package .

Turn off Program Compatibility Assistant Service in Windows View & Windows 7.

Program Compatibility Assistant - This program may not have installed correctly [Windows 7]

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