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Not. It's not about a store's schedule. It is a good program to know, for men who are going to live their lives with someone. A warm… domestic, gentle… A wife, for example.

In Britain, allowed to beat your wife only until at 21 and if they do not bother the neighbors.

I did not know how important place in which to make the decision capital. I mean they marry. Better. Good to remember in the future. =)).
The above is law in the UK. Another law all of them, like this:

It is illegal to die in either of the two Houses of Parliament.

How the hell is this coming? Finally… in this chapter, laws of Romania are more lenient.

It is illegal for people to enter the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate, etc @ politically. Mummies embalmed well, are privileged and do not need a "CV" to enter Parliament.

21:69 - Good night! :)

* Post inspired by “Most bizarre and ridiculous LAWS IN THE WORLD” .

Program: By the time 21: 00

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