Programs removed / deleted after Windows update 10

During installing the Windows 10 operating systemIn "promo" of installation, Microsoft tells us "All your files has left Exactly Where You Them". In Romanian, "all your files are exactly where you left them." In reality it happens really. During Major update sites of Windows 10, as was the one in November 2015 (which Microsoft has introduced and many updates in Windows 10), Many users were left without some applications installed after the restart update. It seems that these software has been uninstalled / automatically deleted without notice and user consent. Microsoft declined to give any explanation about this, but and major updates that followed, the computers were deleted and uninstalled programs incopatibilie Windows 10.
Users do not need to panic as they lost all applications, even if they no longer appear in the list of programs installed on Windows 10. After each major upgrade, the system will create the system partition (C: \, most often) a folder named "windows.old"Where all folders and system files and users are stored. Including: the Windows folder, Documents, Pictures, Download, Movies, Desktop, and folders with pre-update programs: Program Files si Program Files (x86) if the 64-bit systems. Basically in C: \ Windows.old can find all the files from the previous installation.


Windows.old Folder

Why these programs are automatically removed after a major update of Windows 10

Microsoft has decided to remove during major updates some programs to ensure Stability Windows 10So that the user can work fluently. Not randomly uninstalled programs. Programs are automatically removed that shows bugs, errors that have not been updated for a long time and have become incompatible with the new system and programs that require a large amount of system resources (RAM / CPU).
We can say that is a good thing, Microsoft encouraging the use of new programs this decision, but we still do mention that users should be notified in advance.
The ugliest is as automatic deletion in timul the update has not been limited to the Software and happened cases that have been deleted drivers or software driver compatible for the new Windows account 10.Intel Rapid Storage Technology si AMD Catalyst Control Center are among them. Basically the lack of update of Intel and AMD for these drivers, users will have problems with motherboards / hard drives and video cards.

How to recover deleted programs update automatically during the Windows 10

The first method is the simplest and most healthy. It is best to go on the website where you can download the application to get you the latest version her. Most manufacturers of software for Windows PC and have updated and optimized for applications Windows 10. Especially those used on a large scale and which had EORI bugs and incompatibilities on the new operating system.

Another method is to use System Restore. 10 Windows Recovery.
After each major update, Windows 10 30 will take days for all files previously installed version, in Windows.old folder. If you have not made a disk cleanup to delete Windows.old, you can go to C: \ Program Files (x86) in C: \ Windows.old \ Program Files (x86) to recover applications. Some create their software by installing and using certain profiles that are stored in C: \ Windows.old \ Users \ username \ AppData. Copy both the data and application in Program Files on the AppData in active locations operating system to recover uninstalled application to update.

Programs removed / deleted after Windows update 10

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