Project Spartan, the substitute for the Internet Explorer, revealed in an unofficial video presentation

Desconspirat in the event of presentation Windows 10Which took place in January, Project Spartan, Web browser which will replace the famous Internet Explorer, He was kept away from prying eyes of the public. According to data provided by Microsoft, Web browser, based on a completely new rendering engine, will include assistant Cortana with support for voice command, support for handwriting notes, read mode and other functions extremely interesting.

Already know that Windows 10 It will ship with two web Bros: Spartan si Internet Explorer 11, The latter being included to maintain compatibility with websites and web applications Optimized for older versions Windows. Purpose-built as a competitor to be feared Google Chrome si Mozilla Firefox, Spartan will be the default web broser under Windows 10, Highlighted by a modern interface, optimized for maximizing available space websiteAnd other features that will own role to confer a competitive advantage.

Although there is still some time until its official launch, a functional copy Project Spartan has already in possession WinBetaFamous portal specialized in disclosures related products Microsoft who published a video demonstration showing the main attractive elements, including assistant Cortana, whose goal is to assist web browsing sessions by providing useful information relevant to the website we visit and the activities we are trying to do. For example, when visiting a company's website, Cortana This will provide important information such as opening hours, phone numbers, location and views of other visitors. Further information can be obtained using the option Ask Cortana, Activated by right clicking on a selected word or phrase in the page request.

Interacting with assistant Cortana it is made mainly with the help of a sidebar, which slides to the right of the display when data is requested, hidden the rest of the time so as not to disturb the reading of web pages. At least in the version that was tested, Cortana does not include audio effects, the information being presented exclusively in visual form. The new web browser will be included in the next one build Windows 10Offered for testing to all users enrolled in the program Windows InsiderStarting with this week.

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