Protect your important data in your computer using Mirroring Drive [Windows 7 feature]

Certainly all PC usersKnow the sites importance of creating backups of important data stored on systems provided. But even when you have all the backups made to date does not mean you're exempt total risks considering that HDDs also have the bad habit to "crack" when your baby's world.

Windows 7 Mirroring * - A feature of systems with the same name - has the ability to turn drives 'mirror' (Implementation RAID1) - Ie two or more hard drives containing the same data / information is constantly synchronizedSo if a HDD deserts, No files will be lost.

Note: To activate the Drive Mirroring installed on your system you must have at least two hard drives, one of which will be allocated! Also HDD unallocated - the Careda will act as a mirror, must be equal in volume (or higher) at which will be "mirrored".

How can activate Windows 7 Mirroring

  • First of all, open disk Management/computer Management (type: diskmgmt.msc in Searchacquis in Start Menu or right click on My Computer-> Manage-> Storage-> Disk Management).


  • To create HDD "mirror" right click on the HDD that you want to "mirror" and select Add Mirror menu displayed


  • Select the unallocated disk and click Add Mirror


  • You will see a message that warns you that this will change the HDD which will be reflected in basic in dynamic (Will not be removed no information on the hdd, so be carefree). Click And it is.


  • Unallocated HDD will be marked as mirrorAnd data on the HDD reflected it will be copied (it takes a while until two hard drives will synchronize).


Note: Windows Mirroring is not a traditional backup method, considering the fact that if you delete a file on the HDD mirrored, it will be deleted from the HDD mirror. Also, this method is problematic for users that use dual-boot, thanks to HDD conversion from basic to dynamic. Even if you use Windows Mirroring for backup important data on the system, you should make periodic backup and one normal (on external HDDs).

* Windows 7 Mirroring is only available on Windows versions 7 Professional, Ultimate and Windows 7 Windows 7 Enterprise.

Protect your important data in your computer using Mirroring Drive [Windows 7 feature]

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