Interesting title, no? :). Probably interesting for those who manage a website or a webhosting server (especially webhosting).

Qihoo is a search engine used China Somewhat synonymous with Yahoo! Searchwhich displays results in Chinese, probably well selected . The technology that China has in the IT domain I think is a bit quick for some webhosting servers. a bot qihooread on an approximate site 480 pages in a minuteand generates little traffic too big for a modest webhosting package. This Bot thinks he has a problem of orientation :). It does not really make real pages on the site, most of the hits are 404 (Document Not Found). "Stupid, but many! " .

For a few days I've been haunted on a site of such a zombie who knows pretty well to make her presence felt. Until 12 Apr 2007, bandwidth on the "victim" site was no more than 59 - 60 MB / day. After 13 April (what good luck day ...) traffic has reached over 500 MB / day, reaching 19 April at 714.79 MB.

A statistic from the server:

IP qihoo:

Pages: 159965

Hits: 159965

Bandwidth: 4.38 GB

Last visit: 24 April 2007 - 09: 48

Better. If this bot in ~ 12 days I managed to do the one single close 4.5 GB traffic , that would mean that someone using a Romanian web hosting package becomes a real "business". The man has to pocket at least 10 euro / month for webhosting just to pay for the qihoo traffic. For example here: blue-host.ro/ 10 EURO / month package includes 10GB traffic. I do not think anyone wants to pay so much money to be indexed by a China search engine.

Better. I got rid of a visit astel of SEO bot and I relied on his ability to read all of the file robots.txt . I'm not interested in sites listed / indexed in a Chinese search engine. It is possible that the bot does not understand SEO a site file and chose another method to explain more clearly what to do. : D Rewrite File .htaccess from webroot to block access:

order allow, deny
deny from
allow from all

Apache / Deny directives

Syntax: Deny from all |host| Env =env-variable [host| Env =env-variable] ...
Background: directory,. htaccess
Override: Limit
Status: basis
Modules: mod_access

This directive allows access to the server to be restricted based on hostname, IP address, or environment variables. The Arguments for the Deny directive is identical to the Arguments for the Allow Directive.

Farewell qihoo.com !

China to have taken the decision to eliminate it entirely self-censored Google their market? I write this because I remembered some discussion that had emerged in the press some time ago.

An article written in BBC pe January 26 2006 :

If a few days ago, Google held the headlines as opposed to the U.S. government to protect its users, Google now comply with Chinese government and censor their website. But things are not as they seem at first glance. Internet users in China who try to access www.google.com page will automatically be redirected to the page censored by those from Google.


Censorship of the site will be provided by the Google team in China in collaboration with the Chinese authorities. How mechanism of Chinese government censorship system is public, there is a list of what will be censored.


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