Random Password Generator & Password Manager (Download & Tips)

When it comes to us we set or to introduce password for an account of e-mail, for paypal or online access to bank accountShould keep in mind a few safety features.

1. First, the computer from which you access the login form to be fairly well secure. a si anti-spyware good to get rid of and eyes curious, an to protect us from "visitors" uninvited from or .

2. The password can be located by third parties and if we curious eyes behind us or if somewhere is mounted a camera that can record hand movements on the keyboard. If we are home, I do not think this is true, but in an Internet Cafe or in another public location, you have to be careful.

3. Password must be strong. Strong Password. To have at least 6 characters, not contain date of birth, CNP, CI series and numberThe number of the car and / or name of parents, girlfriend, lover, loved ones or pets. These passwords can be easily guessed known.
A strong password must be composed of characters so small and the large (hgGsUmmS) Combined with numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6...) And special characters ($% @ * ^> <).

Examples of strong passwords:

Obo [3 <38
LXK {2? 16
PC: & 7F61
* Vhu & 7 72
sj [) 8I83

Passwords are above passwords which can not be guessed and very difficult to Burst generators login passwords. Besides the good side, there is a less good. Passwords are hard to remember and could become a problem for the who set such a password. From experience I say that such a password no matter how complicated it may seem, after a few keystrokes to remember the password without problems. It is appropriate to note a password or a file notes that only you know

IObit offers solution for this problem. A free application that will help you generate strong passwords and store them in a manager (password manager).

Random Password Generator v1.1 (Review & Download)

Random Password Generator by IObit.

download Random Password Generator v1.1

password generator

The application is very simple to install and has a user interface (UI) very simple and intuitive. The application enables you to choose the number of characters of passwords generated (between 6 and 64 characters) characters in the content type and number of passwords generated passwords.

Random Password Generator

After choosing passwords generated, they can be saved to a Password Manager where we have the option to add notes for each password. ID / password and account for which other notes.


because Random Password Generator v1.1 is an application that installs the operating system (, XP, ), Not to be accessed by another person, the application is protected by a password. Password asking you to set it ever since install the application, and the password you need to enter it every time you open Random Password Generator v1.1. Now two problems occur because of which not recommend using this application than purely to generate passwords!

Password Manager - Problem 1.

Storing multiple passwords under one password is a serious security vulnerability. If the password from Password Manager would be discovered by a third party, it would have access to all your passwords stored in Password Manager.

Password Manager - Problem 2.

Much worse than the first problem, storing passwords and account details a database PWDATABASE.DB (SQLite) Located in the installation folder Random Password Generator v1.1.

C: Program FilesIObitRandom Password GeneratorPWDATABASE.DB

db password

Passwords and account details of Password Manager are stored unencrypted in PWDATABASE.DB. If you open the file in a simple notepad PWDATABASE.DB, we will have a big surprise.

SQLite Passwords

All strong passwords generated and stored in password manager (given the example above) can be found easily by anyone, without the need of password manager password. In addition, details are very visible and written in Password Manager.


Random Password Generator v1.1 ese a very good application for those who want to generate strong passwords for your online accounts, however Password Manager option is recommended only for those who are unsure as to PC no longer has access another person (Direct or remote access).
Hopefully dei from IObit will develop this application in the future will eliminate the problem related to PWDATABASE.DB.

Random Password Generator & Password Manager (Download & Tips)

Random Password Generator & Password Manager (Download & Tips)

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