Redstone, his descendant Windows 10, will be launched in 2016

Windows 10 not arrived well in a final version on the market and already we hear speculation about the next major version of the operating system Microsoft. Although we have no specific details about what will be different in the new version, we have a name inspired by the recent acquisition of the Microsoft. Redstone seems to be the codename of the next Windows, Its origin probably object with the same name from the popular game Minecraft. Usually, we learn about the code name of the operating system Microsoft before we know exactly what they are. Windows Vista codenamed Longhorn, Windows 7 called Vienna, Windows 8.1 was appointed Blueand Windows 10 Threshold. Redstone not the first code name Microsoft taken from a video game proper. Title of project Windows 10 was extracted from Halo: Combat EvolvedOne of the company's major games Xbox si PC. At the same time, Cortana si SpartanBoth essential elements of the new operating system, all series are inspired Halo.

According to the information currently available, Redstone is scheduled to appear in 2016, which denotes a update incremental for Windows 10. This is likely to be similar to 8.1, in the sense that it will bring rather minor changes, dedicated to optimizing the user experience without trying to reinvent the wheel. It is also possible that this is a simple package updatesimilar to the old ones Service Packs.

Another idea about the real identity of Redstone suggests that it will not be related to Windows 10. As the next version of Windows Server & Hosting is scheduled to be launched next year, it could be its temporary name used internally prior to establishing the final name. Whatever the situation, it is clear that Microsoft preparing a new operating system. We will learn more about Redstone in the next period, but certainly Microsoft would not comment officially on it until it releases Windows 10.

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